Hanoi tonight - hospitality guide

After two incursions by Western powers (France and USA) during the last century, you might expect the Vietnamese to be resentful, or at least distrustful, of visitors. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Almost without exception, the Vietnamese are an intensely curious and extremely hospitable people. This can lead to endearing encounters and, in many cases, lifelong friendships.

Due to decades of isolation, Hanoi’s hospitality industry is still a bit rough around the edges when compared to cities like Saigon, Hong Kong or Singapore. But it is catching up fast and many visitors are pleasantly surprised by tour operators’ smooth itineraries, and by the attentive service in hotels and restaurants.


Just because Vietnam remains a communist state does not mean that Hanoi accommodation is all Soviet drab, there are top class hotels in the city which would rival anywhere...more


Hanoi’s guesthouses offer rooms to suit all budgets, so make your choice and reserve here with our recommended selection which boast the best quality and service...more

Restaurants & food

Check out our suggestions for the city’s smartest restaurants with five star service and local eateries tucked away in the backstreets that tourists don’t yet know about...more

Bars & drinking

Squat on a stool whilst chatting with locals at a bia hoi bar or nuzzle a Guinness while watching sports TV with likeminded souls at one of the growing throng of comfortable expat bars...more


Have a laugh at the comical skits at a water puppet performance or strut your stuff at a hotel disco which boasts crowds of local revellers determined to have the best time...more


Great value day trips and excursions from Hanoi which show a contrasting side to the north of Vietnam and allow visitors to stretch their legs away from big city hustle and bustle...more

Hanoi hospitality guide - historic haven of cultural delights

Hanoi is home to many of the major hotel chains such as Sofitel and Sheraton, which offer the same high standards here as they do worldwide. Yet you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg in order to get comfy in Hanoi. There are rooms to suit all budgets, from tiny boutique hotels to family-run guesthouses and backpacker hostels. In this section we give recommendations for all budgets.

Hanoi’s restaurant and bar scene is equally diverse, and if you are out in Hanoi tonight, you’ll be faced by a bewildering range of choices for eating and drinking. Should you delve in at the deep end and order something strange-looking from a street stall, or spend a few more dong and choose from a detailed menu of sophisticated Vietnamese dishes?

Perhaps you’d rather explore the bia hoi bars with their tasty snacks, or munch on a burger in one of the many restaurants that cater to foreign visitors? In this section we’ll give you the low-down on the best places to eat and drink in Hanoi.

Vietnam’s venerable capital can’t compare to its younger sister Ho Chi Minh City when it comes to nightlife, though the rapidly growing economy has led to a sudden increase in the number of trendy hang-out spots for the newly wealthy. Check out our listings of the hottest spots to trot in Hanoi tonight.

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