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Hanoi is a historic city with many diverse cultures and tourist attractions worth seeking out, and we’ve tried to capture the essence of this fascinating metropolis with these pictures of Hanoi. The Old Quarter is a living museum where daily life has changed very little over the centuries, while there are numerous parks, lakes and colonial structures to admire.

Our Hanoi pictures include everything from grand French buildings to water puppets and examples of daily life. Hanoi offers a rich tapestry for the photographer, from images of popular temples and quaint shophouses to charming natural wonders just outside the city limits.

We’ve attempted to put together a selection of Hanoi pictures which demonstrates the different facets of this remarkable city. Must-see sightseeing attractions as well as plenty of off-beat scenes are included.

Click on any of the Hanoi pictures below for a slide show:

Notes on taking pictures in Hanoi

The ancient capital has plenty of photographic shops where tourists can put pictures of Hanoi onto thumb-drives or stock up on film, memory cards and other supplies. Visitors may even want to buy cameras and accessories here, although the selection is not nearly as great as Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.

Remember to be careful not to offend religious sensibilities when taking pictures in Hanoi. Dress demurely when entering a church or temple and be especially respectful when religious rites are taking place. Vietnamese people can be shy so avoid taking photographs without enquiring first, and do not be surprised if they ask for a tip.

Hanoi pictures are an essential souvenir of your trip to Vietnam and there are plenty of great subjects to photograph, so remember to take your camera with you everywhere. There are great picture opportunities on show all over the city with the tree-lined boulevards of the French Quarter perfect for capturing the distinctive contrast between European chic and Asian bustle.

Safety can be a concern, as with anywhere these days, so do not head down dark alleyways brandishing your latest piece of high-tech gadgetry. But if you stay to the main tourist areas and keep your wits about you there is no reason to worry while taking pictures in Hanoi.

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